Connected to the Pre-Filter is our Simple Clean Energy Saving Pump. Most pumps run at one continuous high speed when filtering a pool. The right size pump running 10 hours a day will give the proper turnover rate for filtering a pool. From research we know that continuously running a pump 24 hours a day gives you many more advantages in keeping your pool clean. One of the best ways to get these advantages is to run a 2 speed pump with a high and low speed setting 24 hours a day.

This list tells about all of the advantages of a 2 speed energy saving pump while running it on LOW speed.

1. Lower operating cost. On low speed, the pump uses about 1/3 of the electricity than normal high speed only pump.

2. Better skimming. You have continuous skimming of dirt and debris for the pre-filter to pick up so your pool stays cleaner and you have no stagnant water.

3. Better filtration. With 24 hour continuous filtration, 50% more water moves through the filtration system at a slower rate; this catches more dirt in one pass through the system.

4. Better chemical circulation. The chemicals used in the pool are spread more evenly throughout the pool which means better sanitation.

5. Better aeration. The continuous movement of water reduces the opportunity for algae to establish itself.

6. Longer life for the equipment. Running your pump on low speed doesn't generate as much heat on the bearings and winding of the motor. The filter also runs at 1/4 as much back pressure so there is less stress on the pump, fittings and tank.

7. Very little noise. On low speed the motor is quiet, which means you can enjoy the sounds of your environment.

• With an Energy Saving pump you get 50% better turnover of water at 1/4 the pressure at about 60% less electrical cost.